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Streaming available in the U.S. from 11/12 12:00 AM ET - 11/18 11:59 PM ET.
Virtual Q&A: 11/18 8PM ET. Link will be sent to ticketed audience.

This film is part of the PrideFull Shorts Program.
Co-presented with Three Dollar Bill Cinema and QWOCMAP.


Dir. by Bren López Zepeda
Canada | 2018 | Drama, Animation | 7 min

ABEO is a hard-hitting mixed media animated short that depicts the journey of Nadia and Lupe, two immigrants who risk their lives to cross the Arizona desert in search of a better life.

TW: The film includes scenes of violence, death, gun violence, and murder.

Director's Statement


ABEO is an animated short that depicts the journey of two immigrant women crossing the Arizona desert in search of a better life. As an immigrant myself, I decided to make a film that would fight the rhetoric of “us vs them” that grew dramatically after the 2016 American election but has been a complicated sociopolitical issue for decades. My chosen technique was originally stop motion; sand animation and 2D digital techniques were added later to emphasize the development of the characters and plot. ABEO is a piece of fiction rooted in a painful reality. My wish is to awaken empathy for a marginalized group and to raise awareness of their situation.

Director's Bio

Bren López Zepeda
Pronouns: she/they

Born in Mexico City, Bren López Zepeda is a filmmaker and animator based in Montreal. Her graduation film, ABEO (2018), received 5 awards and has been screened in over 70 film festivals around the world. She has worked on three productions at the National Film Board of Canada and two independent animated features at Unité Centrale/Embuscades under the direction of Félix Dufour-Laperrière. Her recent projects include a hand-painted animated short for TED-ed (2020) and a 2D animated short for the Canadian Association of Midwives 2021). She is most interested in art that challenges our worldviews through honesty, vulnerability and imperfection. Like Toni Cade Bambara, she also believes “the role of the artist is to make revolutionary change irresistible.”

Virtual Live Q&A

11/18 8PM ET
Director Bren López Zepeda will join us for a virtual live Q&A. Link to the PrideFull Shorts Q&A will be sent to ticketed audience.


2021 PrideFull Shorts Program Tickets
Streaming available from 11/12 - 11/18.
Including a virtual live Q&A on 11/18 8PM ET.
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Access to watch all 10 virtual films from 10/29 - 11/18.
Including full access to all Q&As.

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This film is part of the PrideFull Shorts Program, which is co-presented with Three Dollar Bill Cinema and QWOCMAP.

Three Dollar Bill Cinema fosters deeper community engagement by showcasing queer film programming, educational experiences, and social dialogue.

QWOCMAP uses film to shatter stereotypes and bias, reveal the lived truth of inequality, and build understanding and community around art and social justice. QWOCMAP creates, exhibits, and distributes high-impact films that authentically reflect the lives of queer women of color (cisgender & transgender), and gender nonbinary, nonconforming, and transgender people of color (of any orientation), and address the vital, intersecting social justice issues that concern our multiple communities. QWOCMAP’s vision nurtures filmmakers as artist-activist leaders for social change.

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