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Streaming available in the U.S. from 11/12 12:00 AM ET - 11/18 11:59 PM ET.
Virtual Q&A: 11/18 8PM ET. Link will be sent to ticketed audience.

This film is part of the PrideFull Shorts Program.
Co-presented with Three Dollar Bill Cinema, QWOCMAP and API Rainbow Parents of PFLAG NYC.


Dir. by Thùy Trang Nguyễn
Germany | 2021 | Drama | 34 min

For Mít, a gender fluid person, life between two worlds is nothing new. Against the expectations of grandmother Roan and mother Mai, Mít is seeing Lara. But before Mít has the courage to separate from the family, Roan is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. For Mít, a part of the familiar world threatens to break away. If Roan forgets, then memories of the distant homeland of Vietnam also fade. Mít has to search for the connection between the two identities believed to be incompatible.

Director's Statement

unnamed (1).jpeg

Mít means Jackfruit in Vietnamese. Mít is at the center of our film about three generations of strong women and non-binary people. The story is set in Berlin, home to one of the largest Vietnamese communities in Germany. After the Vietnam war many people fled to West-Berlin. Others immigrated as contract workers to East-Berlin. In the unified city, German-Vietnamese people thrive in social, political and economic processes. Although immigration history is over forty years old, German-Vietnamese representation is barely visible. This story is about life after migration. 

What conflicts do we face now? What happens when a generation fades away? These questions help to spotlight Míts complex identity and experiences. They are queer, they are German, they are Vietnamese, they are neither man nor woman. They are the keeper of their ancestors and the designer of their own future. For many young people, tradition and modern life can feel like painful contradictions. JACKFRUIT takes part in the emotional healing process in an empowering way. In search of our own story and history, we can enter into a dialogue between young and old, past and present.

Director's Bio

Thùy Trang Nguyễn
No Pronouns

Thùy Trang Nguyễn (* 1993 Berlin) is a Vietnamese-German filmmaker. She studied directing at the International film school köln in 2017. The aim of her artistic work is the challenge of normative viewing habits, empowerment and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Virtual Live Q&A

11/18 8PM ET
Link to the PrideFull Shorts Q&A will be sent to ticketed audience.


2021 PrideFull Shorts Program Tickets
Streaming available from 11/12 - 11/18.
Including a virtual live Q&A on 11/18 8PM ET.
Regular: $10.00  |  Suggested: $15.00

ALL Access Pass
Access to watch all 10 virtual films from 10/29 - 11/18.
Including full access to all Q&As.

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This film is part of the PrideFull Shorts Program, which is co-presented with Three Dollar Bill Cinema and QWOCMAP. This film is also co-presented with API Rainbow Parents of PFLAG NYC.

Three Dollar Bill Cinema fosters deeper community engagement by showcasing queer film programming, educational experiences, and social dialogue.

QWOCMAP uses film to shatter stereotypes and bias, reveal the lived truth of inequality, and build understanding and community around art and social justice. QWOCMAP creates, exhibits, and distributes high-impact films that authentically reflect the lives of queer women of color (cisgender & transgender), and gender nonbinary, nonconforming, and transgender people of color (of any orientation), and address the vital, intersecting social justice issues that concern our multiple communities. QWOCMAP’s vision nurtures filmmakers as artist-activist leaders for social change.

API Rainbow Parents of PFLAG NYC provides support for LGBTQ individuals and families of Asian heritage, addressing culture-specific needs of the API community.

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