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Paperboy Love Prince Runs For Mayor

Date/Time: 9/12 (Tue) 7PM EDT
Location: DCTV 3rd Fl Studio, 87 Lafayette St NYC 10013

Streaming available in the U.S. from 9/13 12:00 AM EDT - 9/21 11:59 PM EDT. 

Paperboy Love Prince Runs For Mayor is part of Shorts: The Bright Sides

Directed by Owen Dubeck
USA | 2021 | Documentary | 20 min

Paperboy Love Prince is a far cry from your typical New York City mayoral candidate. They can often be found in Washington Square Park standing on top of a bedazzled school bus rapping about social issues. When they announced their run for mayor, many laughed them off as a joke candidate.

However, as their campaign started to heat up, their viral tactics garnered momentum with write ups in Rolling Stone and a feature on The Trevor Noah Show. Can Paperboy act as a nexus between the people who wouldn’t ordinarily engage in politics and a platform that serves them?

Director's Statement

I first met Paperboy in the beginning of the pandemic when we were both working to distribute nutritious meals to people who were suffering from food insecurity. I had founded The Farmlink Project, which was delivering surplus crops from farms to millions of Americans. At the same time, Paperboy was leading the community fridge movement in New York City, feeding tens of thousands of people each week. I noticed that Paperboy was reaching people that were either excluded or didn’t have easy access to established food banks, so we started delivering food to them. Fast forward a few months later, Paperboy announced their run for mayor and I set out to document their campaign. As they gained more and more momentum, it was clear that Paperboy was bringing a new perspective to New York’s political conversation. 

Opening Night | Shorts: The Bright Sides Screening + Q&A

Date/Time: 9/12 (Tue) 7PM (Doors open at 6:30PM)
Location: DCTV 3rd Fl Studio,
87 Lafayette St NYC 10013

Join us as we kick off the PrideFull Fest 2023 with the Shorts: The Bright Sides screening. Followed by a Q&A session with filmmakers and a post-event hangout. Read more.


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Buying the suggested-price level ticket helps us cover the costs and sustain PrideFull, a film festival by and for Queer and Trans People Of Color. Thank you!

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