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PrideFull seeks partners!

Out of the 11.3 million queer-identifying adults living in the United States, 42% (4.8 million) are people of color¹. However, there aren't enough safe spaces for queer and trans people of color. Our experiences are often erased, replaced, or objectified. We are constantly marginalized even within the queer community. 

In the film and media world, LGBTQIA2S+ BIPOC are highly misrepresented or underrepresented. We want to see different QTBIPOC characters on screen. We want to see more QTBIPOC mediamakers in the spotlight. We want to see diverse and accurate stories of ourselves, where we are not just a punchline or an extra.

This is where PrideFull started. By bringing QTBIPOC filmmakers and audience together, we strive to create a safe space where we can talk about our real experiences. By highlighting QTBIPOC stories, we support QTBIPOC mediamakers and their work. We believe this is a small but important step to change the world.

And you can take part. We are looking for partners who will help make PrideFull come alive. Show your support and solidarity towards the QTBIPOC community.

¹ Angeliki Kastanis et al. “LGBT Data & Demographics.” UCLA The School of Law The Williams Institute, The Williams Institute, 2020


We are primarily looking for the following partnerships.


Financial support directly helps us curate and screen QTBIPOC films, and pay the QTPOC filmmakers, panelists, and staff for their work. Please consider being our sponsoring partner, and receive your benefits: pre-roll ads, credits, free tickets, and more!


Are you a community organization wanting to screen films? Or a film organization wanting to do more mission-driven, community-based events? Be our co-presenting partner! This partnership can be customized for each organization.


Do you have a similar target audience with us? We are excited to co-promote your events and offerings! Through outreach partnership, we believe that all peer organizations can thrive together and expand our audience.

None of this applies to you? That’s fine! We’d love to learn other ways of partnering.

Let us know if you have any other partnership ideas.

For the full list of our partners, see our Supporters page.

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