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PrideFull is seeking volunteers for 2024!

Anyone who wishes to join the PrideFull team must submit an online application. We do not require previous work experiences for any positions.


Benefits include: 

  • 1 x PrideFull Fest 2024 Festival Pass (access to ALL online and in-person events)

  • Any festival merch of the year

  • Film festival experience

  • Opportunities to network with filmmakers and guest speakers


It is very important that we create a safe space for all PrideFull team members. We have zero tolerance towards racism, colorism, transphobia, misogyny, violence, and hate speech.


You must be 18 years or older to volunteer at PrideFull.

Communications Volunteers (Rolling Basis)

As a Communications volunteers, you'll work closely with Executive Director and Festival Director, and help PrideFull with promotions and outreach. You can choose your fields of interest including: social media, partnership/outreach, or other (share with us what you're interested in).

  • Social Media: Research/brainstorm social media strategies (March - July), take over PrideFull's social media to post festival promo materials and interact with followers (August - September).

  • Partnership/Outreach: Research and reach out to potential partners/sponsors/press, brainstorm fundraising and partnership strategies (ongoing from March to December).

This is a flexible position, and we will discuss your hours of commitment during the interview process.

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