2021 PrideFull Series

2021.10.29 - 2021.11.18
2021.10.29 - 2021.11.18

Stories of Queer Diasporas: The Journey in Search of [       ]

10 Films + Filmmaker Q&As + Panel Talk

PrideFull hosts its first virtual screening series in November, with the stories of queer diasporas.

The films and conversations will explore the timely yet universal issues around migration, immigration, and alienation of queer diasporas.

The full lineup of films and events is now live! Check out the program info.

The individual tickets will be open soon. You can get your limited-time, all-access pass now.

Pride Holding Hands

About PrideFull

PrideFull is a new film screening series by and for Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC). Our mission is to create an open, safe space for the QTPOC community, where we can share stories that represent ourselves and issues that matter to us, and support each other.

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