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About Us

Who We Are

PrideFull is a New York-based film festival by and for

Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC).

We strive to provide an open, safe space (virtual or physical) for the QTPOC community, especially for filmmakers, artists, and arts lovers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an open, safe space for the Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) community, where we can share stories that represent ourselves and issues that matter to us, and support each other.

We curate and screen innovative films that are made by QTPOC filmmakers or explore relevant issues within the QTPOC community. Through the screening series, we strive to provide filmmakers with an opportunity to share their stories with a wider yet targeted audience, help our community to find more films they can resonate with, and ultimately increase the representation of the QTPOC community in film and media.


Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Nabin Park

Pronouns: all pronouns

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Nabin started PrideFull with their devotion to create a safe, open safe for artists and art lovers of all backgrounds.


With the belief that creation, distribution, and experience (or “re-creation”) of art directly contributes to social change, they work with filmmakers and nonprofits to host community screenings and events, while creating original artwork.


At PrideFull, Nabin programs the 2021 film screening series, oversees the organization’s operation, and manages finances.


Joohee Oh

Pronouns: she/her

Co-Founder & Festival Director

Joohee co-founded PrideFull with the belief that expanding safe spaces to share stories can contribute to positive social changes.


Her passion to support artists began as she volunteered at film screenings and festivals—where she closely witnessed media art sparking social change, and social issues leading to inspiring creations.


Joohee programs the 2021 PrideFull film screening series, manages our communications and outreach, and oversees marketing strategies.

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 Isaiah Alexander

Pronouns: he/him

Assistant Programmer,

2021 PrideFull Series

Isaiah comes onto the PrideFull team as Assistant Programmer.


As a Trinbagonian native, he's been tremendously impacted by the transformative power of films - it was through the creative force and community building in film that he was able to articulate the nuances of his queerness in his island society. His love for film and their ability to propel the social engine of change pushed him to pursue a career in acting and writing, where he strives to honor the stories and experiences of queer Black people and queer people of color across the Diaspora.


At PrideFull, Isaiah assists in the programming of the festival, and heads the execution of the screening of the film festival.

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