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API Rainbow Parents x Asian Pride Project x PrideFull 

A Film Series Featuring API Queer & Trans Experience

5/20 - 5/23 Film Streaming
5/22 4PM ET Live Virtual Panel

In celebration of the API Heritage Month and the 10th anniversary of API Rainbow Parents of PFLAG NYC, we bring a special virtual film series to you!

Homecoming (
5/20 - 5/23) is a virtual film series featuring API queer and trans experiences. Stories of queer diasporas. A pastor’s change of heart. Coming home for Lunar New Year. Clothing as gender liberation. And family acceptance.

The film series is accompanied by a live virtual panel talk on
5/22 at 4PM ET, with the filmmakers and a special guest from Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies. The panel will bring API queers and their allies in the same (virtual) space, and discuss the themes that were explored in the films, from family acceptance to nonbinary experiences, community building, and mental health.

FREE to watch and attend!

Four short films will be available to stream anywhere in the U.S. between May 20th and May 23th. To watch the films, get your FREE ticket to the streaming platform, and you’ll receive a link to watch the films. 

Paying the suggested amount helps us sustain the program. Thank you!

Dir. by Jacqueline Chan
USA | 2020 | Drama | 15 min
FISHBOWL follows Natalie Song (17) as she returns home with her childhood friend, Joanne Cheng (18), after their first semester of college to celebrate Chinese New Year at the Cheng household. Navigating festivities that were once inviting but now tinged with a foreign animosity, Natalie finds herself trapped between the burgeoning attraction she feels for Joanne and the unnerving attention placed upon them by both their families. Behind coded pleasantries and the gifting of an innocent goldfish as unwitting accomplice, Joanne's ever-perceptive mother, Deborah, blackmails Natalie into ending her flirtation with Joanne. Natalie drives back to school the next morning, contemplating Deborah's unspoken ultimatum.

Dir. by Elena Jin Chang
USA | 2021 | Documentary | 18 min
In this first edition of NEVER STAND DOWN, a Filipino American father and pastor reflects on the pivotal moments that drove him to question the anti-LGBTQ sermons he had espoused his entire life. His change of heart only intensified when his youngest son came out to him as a gay teen and sparked a national standoff with the largest Protestant denomination in America, the Southern Baptist Church.

Dir. by Patrick G Lee
USA | 2020 | Documentary | 17 min
Through letter-writing, a community discussion, and a drag performance, six queer and trans Asian Americans grapple with their queerness and consider what family acceptance might look like.

Dir. by Sal Tran
USA | 2017 | Experimental | 14 min
XANH is a short film that explores clothing as a form of liberation. Xanh’s (they/them) mother is a seamstress who polices Xanh’s gender presentation through the creation of feminine clothes. As their mom continuously criticizes their wardrobe, Xanh experiences nightmares that push them to search for peace within their spirituality.
CW: Partial nudity, drugs, body dysphoria, gender shaming, and cultural appropriation.

Date/Time: 5/22 (Sun) 4 PM - 5:30 PM Eastern Time
Location: Virtual on Zoom 
** Link to the Zoom webinar will be sent out to everyone who RSVP’d.

Jacqueline Chan & Gene Wang (Director & Writer, Fishbowl)
Elena Jin Chang (Director, Never Stand Down Feat. The Cortez Family)
Sal Tran (Director, Xanh)
Patrick G Lee (Director, Unspoken)
Aruna Rao (Executive Director, Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies)
Moderated by: Nabin Park (Executive Director, PrideFull)

The films and the live virtual panel will have a closed caption available. If you need any other accommodations, please let us know by emailing

This film series is FREE, thanks to our generous supporters. Please help us continue the work by buying a suggested amount ticket, or make a direct donation in the links below.

Asian Pride Project
Asian Pride Project celebrates the journeys, triumphs and struggles of LGBTQ individuals and our Asian and Pacific Islander (API) families and communities. We seek to capture these stories by using the arts – film, video, photography and the written word – as a medium for social justice and advocacy in the LGBTQ realm.

API Rainbow Parents at PFLAG NYC
API Rainbow Parents provides information and support to Asian-Pacific Islander (API) families with a family member who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ+). The group is open to parents, other relatives and family members, and friends, as well as to LGBTQ+ people themselves.

PrideFull is a New York based film festival by and for queer and trans people of color (QTPOC). We strive to provide an open, safe space (virtual or physical) for the QTPOC community, especially for filmmakers, artists, and arts lovers. The 2022 PrideFull Film Festival will be held in September, both virtually and in-person in NYC. PrideFull receives a fiscal sponsorship from NQAPIA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donation is eligible for tax-deduction to the full extent allowed under the law.

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